Dr. Eman AL-Waidh

Dr. Eman AL-Waidh

* Experienced in designing and facilitating clinical audit projects with the clinicians to audit the Healthcare Standards .

* Facilitate the development of the speciality’s Clinical Audit Programme.

* Established the MINAP (Myocardial Ischaemic National Audit Project ) at East Surrey hospital in conjunction with the Royal College of Physicians.

* Established the Cardiology Information System at the trust.

* Responsible for collating & submitting data for the National Stroke Audit of The Royal College of Physicians-London

* Responsible for the implementation and submission of the national audits for Diabetes, Dementia, Emergency Medicine, Multiple sclerosis….etc.

* Deliver training / local advice as required by clinical teams in relation to audit process. * Support & facilitate the audit activity linked to the implementation of NICE guidance and other National Standards.